Are You Prepared?


One of the topics that always comes up this time of year here in Florida?

Hurricane Season!

But if you watch the news, you know that hurricanes are not the only type of weather that can cause destruction, and if you own your own business, you should know exactly what steps you need to take when preparing for weather…or how to get back on your feet when unexpected weather hits your area.

Many years ago, the company I was working for was preparing for a hurricane. Our office was on the fifth floor – the top floor of the building. Our offices took up the entire right side of the building, and every office faced the outside. If you live and work in Florida…you know how blessed you are to have an office with a view of the amazing sunshine and palm trees.

However, when you’re preparing for a hurricane, you start to curse those windows. One of the biggest fears of a hurricane is the fact that the windows may blow in and destroy anything where wind and water can get to…so that meant that every office had to be prepared.

Files…we had tons of files. At that time, they were paper which meant they had to be secured and protected; boxed up and moved from our location to a more secure location. Not to mention all the equipment. This was long before the Cloud existed. That meant ensuring that each PC that had files saved to it, along with our network, was removed and secured off site.

You see, in these instances…you’re better off safe than sorry. Trust me when I say it was a ton of work, but at the end of the day…we were prepared. The business was safe, and we were ready to move off-site if our office didn’t make it through the storm.

Today, we are extremely blessed with all the technology to help us get prepared for these types of issues. However, how many businesses do you think prepare with an actual Disaster Recovery Plan?

It doesn’t matter if you have a staff of 100 or just you. If I told you today that you had to evacuate from your office…would you be prepared? Would you know what you needed to take with you? Could you work off-site?

Even though I work in my home office, I know exactly what I need to pull together to evacuate in an emergency. I know exactly what files, equipment, and important documents I need to take with me so that I can set up in another location and resume my business.

One of the things that affect most people in cases of a disaster is the ability to work and continue to generate revenue. When you create systems to eliminate those down times, you improve the probability of getting back on your feet faster.

Does your business have a Disaster Recovery Plan?

If you’re not sure where to get started and need a little help, I want you to have a copy of my basic Disaster Recovery Toolkit. It will help you get the wheels turning. No matter how simplistic or intricate your plan is – having one is important.

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