Optimizing Your Marketing Systems

“I knew social media was powerful, but I never knew I could do so much with my marketing through Facebook and my website. There are so many moving pieces and parts…”

I flew into Chicago Monday morning to meet a special non-profit client. Our mission was to talk about Facebook marketing. Specifically, Facebook pixels, customized audiences and saved audiences.

Last month, I started working with them on the backend of their Facebook Marketing Systems. I started by installing the Facebook Pixel on their website and setting up their custom web audience, as well as creating a custom audience from their email list.

Our goal was to let all this percolate for 30-days and discuss it when I flew into Chicago. For the past month, I have been pushing traffic from Facebook to their website…

When I got to their office yesterday, I started reviewing the work I had been focusing on for the past 30-days and how the testing had paid off!


My goal during my visit was to explain to them the power in using systems and tools to market their business more effectively. I wasn’t there to teach them how to do it, as they had no desire to learn what I do. They wanted me to work my magic and use it to fill seats for an event.

But what I wanted them to understand was the power behind the system and the basic understanding of how to use it. As their Marketing Consultant, I can’t work in a vacuum. I need their input. I need them to ask questions and be curious about the process. Because when they are curious and ask questions, they give me ideas and ways to continue improving and tweaking their system…and that’s what happened last week.

This non-profit is niche specific so finding the perfect audience in the Chicago area can be tricky. However a few weeks ago I created a specific saved audience to see how it would work out. I targeted one specific area where I felt many of their target audience might be in the Chicago area.

I tested it with two ads. As I reviewed the results with them yesterday, they were so excited to see that we had stumbled on the jackpot of audiences. Both our tests returned more engagement than we could have ever hoped for…not only did it create engagement but it created clicks from Facebook to their website building our Facebook custom web audience.


We spent time yesterday looking at the traffic and the patterns of those people clicking over into their website. We had tapped into many new people visiting the website. As anyone in the non-profit world knows…tapping the same donors all the time can get stale and non-productive. Seeing all the new traffic to the website is encouraging.

I left yesterday with some new ideas from them on other areas that we can test. Once they could see the process and the results they were able to get more creative. And working together we expanded audiences into a few more directions.

Hiring someone to “DO” your social media doesn’t mean you’re not involved. No one knows your business like you. You may not understand all the nuances of social media marketing, but you know your clients, you know where they hang out, and you know how to talk to them. Stay involved in your marketing and the process of your marketing!

If you’re looking for ways to build your social media marketing systems, give me a call. Our work together can bring your business results!