Recruiting through Social Media

You’re Ready to Start Recruiting through Social Media…Good for you…but not so fast. Let’s chat first…

 During our Recruiting & Selection Webinar last year I learned that most everyone that joined us were not using social media to help recruit talent for open positions. When I say using social media…I mean social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or YouTube.

Businesses have become really creative in the way they are soliciting applicants online to apply for jobs. One of the great reasons to use social media is because most of it is free or very in expensive to get the word out. And better yet…you can control who sees your job postings in most cases. You have the ability to target specific audiences.

However, before you start setting up a business Facebook page to recruit, there is one important step to take first. That step entails your company website. If you intend to start recruiting online you better have a career page on your website that intrigues applicants to push the “Apply Here” button.

Here is some information to help you create and manage your career webpage:

  1. Always keep your page up to date with job postings, blog posts, etc. When you take the time to send applicants to your website to apply online you want them to see current information. Keep job postings up to date and remove them when they are filled or when you are no longer taking applications.
  2. Getting an applicant to your career page is only half the battle. Getting them to apply for one of your positions can be challenging. Job seekers are looking for a company they fit into. As a matter of fact, job seekers are doing reverse reference checks. You heard me…you aren’t the only one doing reference checks. Job seekers are checking you out on social media. Websites like are helping job seekers learn more about a company before they apply They are looking at what people are posting about your business…”is this a company I want to work for…will I like this type of environment?” They look for clues about company culture and how you treat your customers online.
  3. Business owners are getting really creative with how they pull people into their career pages. One of my favorites is Melanie Duncan. She teaches entrepreneurs how to build online businesses and she has a team of amazing talent and…they live all over the world. Melanie believes in the “work from anywhere” concept so she has a unique way of recruiting. Take a look at her recruiting page and you will see what I mean – You won’t find any stuffy job descriptions or a place to submit your resume. She makes you feel amazing just reading about the job. Who wouldn’t want to work for her?
  4. Another option to spruce your career page up is to make sure your page shares your business philosophy, your business culture, and why an applicant would want to work with you.

    How can you do that? Start by sharing some pictures of your work environment, some candid shots of employees (with their approval) having fun during a company luncheon or brainstorming meeting. You can even have your employee’s share why they enjoy working for your company. Job seekers are looking for authenticity. Be real – hiring in 2017 will be about screening people, not their resumes!

Think outside the box and stay current with your recruiting methods.

Interested in learning more about recruiting and selection – for more information check out our sister company website for our Recruiting & Selection Toolkit