Your Color Code Profile Says A Lot About You!


Are you the boss or are you a leader?

I’m not crazy about the word boss or bossy…it symbolizes a person who likes to boss people around, someone controlling or even domineering. No one likes to work for a boss.

But everyone loves to follow an amazing leader!

The Color Code Assessment helps bring to light your bossy tendencies and trust me when I say we all have them in some way, shape, or form. Once you know your core motives it opens your mind to how to turn bossy-ness into leadership. 

Want to learn more about your core color and how it impacts your communication? If you haven’t taken the Color Code Assessment – take a minute to click the link below and take the FREE assessment. 

Once you’ve taken your assessment – email me at and tell me your primary color! When I hear from you, I will send you our Color Code Easy Reference Guide on all four of the colors. This guide will teach you the core motives of each color and how to talk to others based on their color!