Nice Works!


If entrepreneur Mark Cuban, who owns the Dallas Mavericks, stars on ABC's "Shark Tank" and is worth an estimated $3.9 billion, believes that being a nicer person boosted his value and contributed to his career success, wouldn’t you want to know more?  

What if I told you that science backs up his claim? Wouldn’t that make you pay closer attention? 

And, then…what if you learned that the Brilliant Leader Program is all about teaching you principles to increase your emotional IQ…and that by doing this, you can become the most valuable person in your company? Well guys, it’s all true.

According to global career development expert, Soulaima Gourani, “What makes you the most valuable person in your company is your ability to cooperate and connect with others.”  In her article, she goes on to say that “having a good understanding of what you and others need and being aware of how you and others reach decisions or handle conflict will make you the most valuable employee in the company.”    

When I read that, it really got my attention. Why? Because that’s what the Brilliant Leader Program is all about. When we created the Brilliant Leader Program, we had the idea that if we could get people to really understand what makes another person tick and help them to connect and to communicate with each other on a deeper level, we’d have done some good in the world.  Little did we know that people like Mark Cuban attributed their overwhelming success to the principles we are teaching. 

What I really find interesting is that once somebody learns the principles of the Brilliant Leader Program, it becomes as natural to them as breathing and that connecting with others is a way of life.  

While I like to think of it as a little bit of magic dust we get to spread, it’s really the nuts and bolts of being successful and achieving our dreams.

So if you want to be successful like Mark Cuban or become the most valuable person in your company, I encourage you to check out our Brilliant Leader Program.

In Mark Cuban’s own words, "people hate dealing with people who are jerks” and “nice sells.”  Take the time to learn how to be nicer.