No one understands the work environment more than Carol Westberry and Elizabeth Fanslow when it comes to harassment issues. And right now is not the time to leave it to chance and hope that everyone understands what's right and what's wrong. The explosion in Hollywood and Washington, D.C. are not the only battle fields. They happen in businesses every day around the United States.

"A small recent survey by car-selling app Instamotor found that many men aren't clear on what sexual harassment is. Two in every three men surveyed didn't think repeated unwanted invitations to drinks, dinner, or dates was sexual harassment. One in five didn't think sexual harassment should be a fireable offense," per an article from CNN. 

This behavior is not only about men sexually harassing women, this is also occurring with men too. So how do you ensure that your work environment is safe for both men and women? You invest in a healthy harassment prevention course that will support your business and team as they work through the land mines of what is appropriate and what's not.

If your business team hasn't participated in a harassment prevention course, now is the time! We offer two types of courses: A Managers Version and a Non-Management Version. We offer onsite training as well as online training.

Onsite Training Options:


It’s a Matter of Respect!
This workshop focuses on the manager’s responsibilities and the laws prohibiting harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Discussions and activities center around defining the behaviors that may be considered inappropriate behavior as well as those that may lead to charges of illegal discrimination and harassment. Activities assist managers in understanding the actions necessary to provide an affirmative defense and the steps they must follow to conduct a confidential investigation.


Who Should Attend: Executives, business owners, directors, managers, and supervisors

Workshop Time: Half day
(Offered In-House at Your Business or Virtual Through Webinar)


It’s a Matter of Respect!
This workshop is designed for all employees at every level in the company. The workshop focuses on the fundamental principal of treating others with respect and dignity regardless of differences. Workshop activities describe the actions and behaviors that can be considered inappropriate workplace behavior as well as those that may cross the line to illegal harassment or discrimination. Employees learn about their responsibility to co-workers, to visitors, to the company, and to themselves.


Who Should Attend: Employees from all levels of the company.

Workshop Time: 2 hours
(Offered In-House at Your Business or Virtual Through Webinar)

Interested in our Online Harassment Awareness Course for Employees?

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Your trainers:

Carol Westberry, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Founder & Consulting Partner

Elizabeth D. Fanslow
Founder & Managing Partner


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