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Communicating your corporate culture is the single most challenging issue facing leaders today. Learning how to motivate each person to reach for the gold and understanding the “why” behind their behaviors is essential to developing your employee ROI. Using the proven methods of the internationally acclaimed Color Code assessment, you will quickly gain critical insights into what it takes to achieve powerful communication techniques that will take your team from zero to gold in record time.

Carol, I must say that was probably the best training I’ve had in my ‘management’ life! So insightful, the right tone, great information and it really helped us pull together. I’m really energized as were my team members and I’ve already tried some of the things you mentioned.
— D. Ward, BBBS of Tampa Bay

Carol Westberry & Elizabeth Fanslow are Certified ColorCode Trainers...

Every conversation begins with YOU. Who are you? Do you really understand why you think and behave as you do? What motivates you, and how this impacts you and others your life.

The Color Code is the most revolutionary and ACCURATE measurement of your communication style and what drives your behaviors available on the market today. Once you have learned the basics of the Color Code you will never see yourself or others the same again! 

The Color Code is different than ANY other behavior analysis on the market today. Other popular tests and assessments strictly identify your behavior, and leave it at that.   Color Code is the ONLY assessment that helps you to understand why you do what you do and how this affects your interactions with others!

Did you know that 85% of people fired last year were let go because of relationship problems at work and that managers spend at least 1/3 of their year dealing with employee communication problems?

Don’t become a statistic and don’t let communication challenges keep you from achieving your goals.

Take the FREE Color Code Analysis and take the first steps to becoming that High Performance Leader you know you are!



Take advantage of our 30-minute one on one private coaching session with Certified Color Trainer, Carol Westberry. Not only will Carol help you gain a better understanding of what your communication style means but she'll give you real-world examples of how you can put these insights to work for you immediately!


The High Performance Communication online workshop uses the critically acclaimed Color Code Personality Test to give you a clear understanding of the fundamental principles of motivating all people and how to effectively communicate with everyone, everywhere, every time!


The High Performance Communication on-site workshop is hosted by Certified Color Trainer, Carol Westberry. This workshop is a fast-paced, 1/2 or full day workshop scheduled at your location. This is not a workshop for the faint of heart - but ideally suited for those courageous few who want to make a difference!

We offer the following Color Code Workshops, but can customize to fit your business needs:


Effective communication skills remain the single most important factor in a leader’s bag of tricks. Understanding what motivates one person and de-motivates another is critical. Leaders pay attention to how their behavior and communication style affects those they lead. Using the internationally renowned Color Code Assessment you’ll learn the “why” behind behaviors and be able to immediately put this valuable knowledge to work in your day-to-day role as leader. Gain important insights into what it takes to develop powerful relationships and see immediate results in your ROI as you develop

Who Should Attend: Executives, business owners, directors, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and all aspiring leaders.

Workshop Time: Scalable from 2 hours to full day


Team Building Communications
Communication skills remain the single most important issue in business today and developing people with effective communication techniques is critical to your company’s success. Building on the internationally recognized Color Code personality test, your team members will learn what motivates their style of communication and provide them with insight into what it takes to develop powerful relationships with others. This workshop will give your team members critical insight into the reasons why some relationships take off like gang-busters and other relationships never make past “hello”.

Who Should Attend: Employees who deal with customers, team members and other members of your organization.

Workshop Time: Half day session


Thanks again! I have received nothing but positive feedback regarding the workshop. You are certainly an energetic and engaging presenter. The management team has been speaking in terms of colors since Tuesday.
— T. Fisher, International Labs
Thank you for your time today. The impact you have when you speak to our management team is huge. Having an outside perspective is great and you make our employees feel comfortable with you.
— T. Sevigny, Pepper Contracting Services
Thank you so much for coming out Carol… Again, everyone talked about color codes at last night’s dinner… No one mentioned my Effective Documentation presentation. I wonder why?!
— J. Dimitriadis, Carteret Management
OUTSTANDING call this morning. We received much favorable feedback. Thank you for working with our team! In fact you were correct….everyone started sharing the colors and guessing each other’s colors… VERY FUN!!
— T. Stevens, SUNZ Insurance
Thank you for the phenomenal job YOU did on this retreat . It was informative, fun and a great team building experience. I was pleased with the comments that many staff had. It’s a great feeling to come to work and to know I get to share my day with such awesome and talented (and colorful) colleagues and friends!
— M. Lorini, AAA of SW FL