CEO Advisement Group

CEO Advisement Group


Small Business CEO Advisement Group

Time Frame: December 2017 - March 2018 (Preparation for 1st Quarter)

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This is a program is for Small Business CEO Advisement Groups for 2018.

This is a highly interactive Advisement Group. Elizabeth works as a COO and her main purpose is to help you figure out how to make things happen in your business...and then holding you accountable to make them happen! Even though we are virtual, our goal is to build relationships, support each other, and be productive. This is not a coaching program -  this is about doing the work, not just talking about it! When you join the CEO Advisement Group you have the resources at your fingertips to help you build and create the business you want!

Are you ready to get started?

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During CEO Advisement Calls here are a few examples of what you can discuss:

  • Business & Tactical Advisement
  • Marketing Advisement
  • Team Building
  • Building Systems & Processes
  • Building & Developing Vision

For $495 you will receive the following:

  • Individual: 60-Minute Advisement Zoom Call (Recorded for Your Use)
    You will complete a pre-advisement agenda. This will get us started and help us use your time wisely.
  • Kick-Off Group Zoom Call: Once you've all had your individual call with Elizabeth to build your 90-Day Plan we will all get together to introduce ourselves and learn a little bit about each other and our businesses. We will also discuss our goals for the quarter so we know how to support each other!
  • Monthly Group Zoom Call - Progress Report: We will meet monthly as a group, to mastermind, plan, and direct your progress based on your 90-Day Goals. We'll use my AAA System: Advisement | Action | Accountability with each call to help keep you on track!

    Monthly calls will be scheduled within the FB group. We will give you an option of two dates, we will do our best to select a date that works for everyone. However, when we can't the majority will win.
  • Group: Become a VIP in our Private Facebook Group. The FB Group will be open to you for the full quarter. You will get full access to Elizabeth to support your advisement strategy as well as talk to and work with the group.

    Each week we will participate within the Facebook Group to declare your weekly goals and we will hold each other accountable to meet those goals. 

    Use the FB Group to share issues or questions...get opinions on questions you might have. Use the group to help support you and in return support the group.
  • Quarterly Wrap Up Group Zoom Call: At the end of the quarter we will have a call to wrap up your accomplishments, share in your victories, and discuss where you got off track and how to make it better during the next quarter.
  • All participants will have first access to participate in the following quarter.

We only offer (5) positions within the group each quarter. Please also note that we will only accept one CEO from each industry. Participation will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Registration ends 12/18/2017!