Creating the Bridge For Learning


Often times in business, we look at our best customer service rep, salesperson, or widget producer and reward their great work with a promotion to a management position.  

They are over-the-moon with the recognition…and sometimes more money…and you’re patting yourself on the back because you’ve given this great employee the opportunity they’ve been begging for.

Then, the stuff starts hitting the fan! Your newly promoted, best employee becomes your worst management nightmare, and you begin to second guess your ability to evaluate performance. Then the frustration sets in and…

Then I get the phone call saying, “John or Suzie (take your pick)is not working out, and I need to get rid of them.” 

Sound familiar?

OK – Just stop right there! 

First of all…neither one of you is to blame.  You both didn’t know what you both didn’t know.  

Second of all…It is FIXABLE!

In my experience as an HR consultant and leadership trainer, I’ve seen this scenario play out over and over again. I’ve found, with some HR basics and the Brilliant Leader Program for your John or Suzie, the situation goes from a big-time loss to a big-time win-win for both of you.

This is why Elizabeth and I created the Brilliant Leader Program. We know that it’s a stupid waste of a business’ money to throw out the investment they’ve made in a great, newly promoted employee when there’s such an easy and cost-effective way to fix it.

How do we know? Because we’ve worked with owners and executives who were at their wit's end, become totally awed by their John or Suzie’s ability to lead and communicate with their team after going through our program. 

We’ve listened to frustrated employees who were ready to walk away from a promising opportunity, tell us what a big change going through the program has made in their ability to talk to their boss, communicate with their co-workers, and manage their team.

We know because we see and hear it every time someone experiences the Brilliant Leader Program. 

If you have an employee who needs help in understanding how to communicate and lead in a more intentional owe it to yourself, your employee, and your company to check out our Brilliant Leader Program.  

It’s not hocus-pocus. It’s not smoke and mirrors. It’s not a hollow promise. 

It’s real. It’s do-able. It’s affordable. AND IT WORKS!

We love this program, and we believe in the power of the Brilliant Leader Program.  

But more importantly…we know what experiencing this program can mean to you, your employee, and your company. Why?  

Because both Elizabeth and I have been there and have had our lives changed because of it.  We’d like you to experience our life changing program too.

For more information on the Brilliant Leader Program click over to our website to register!