Thanking People Shouldn't Be An Afterthought...


Friday I checked into the Sheraton in Clearwater Beach to meet one of my clients and as I pulled up a bell cap came up to me and took my car to park it. He so kindly asked me to wait in the lobby and he would bring my keys back to me. In the meantime, I had a client calling that I needed to talk to...long story short...

I got distracted.

When he came back in and handed me my keys I was already on the phone in crises mode. I took my keys and thanked him and hurried off to my room to set my laptop up so I could look at the problem for my client. 

I walked away and didn’t tip him.

It wasn’t till around 5pm that I realized my insensitivity...I quickly grabbed my wallet and headed downstairs. Too late...he was gone. I felt horrible. 

The next morning I made my way back down to the lobby to find him. There he was at the front desk. He immediately said good morning and I apologized. 

Apologized for being distracted...for not recognizing and thanking him properly. I gave him his well-deserved tip and he thanked me graciously. He will never know that I made the attempt to come back down and find him or that my first order of business this morning was to come to find him...he will only remember the woman who tipped him a day later...

Recognizing people in the moment is so important...when they deserve it the most. 

Not a day later as an afterthought. 

While this nice gentleman accepted my apology...I can’t imagine the stories he was telling himself last night when I brushed him off to deal with my own stuff. 

It takes a great deal of focus and attention to make sure the people in your organization feel appreciated and respected for the work they do. Recognizing people right where they are, at that moment will mean more to them than remembering to do it later...when you remember. 

We all get caught up in our own’s easy to do. When we make a conscious effort to thank people with the intention of letting them know that we recognize them and appreciate them for all they do it lets them know that we truly see them. 

Even though I was a day late in recognizing and thanking my bell cap it made me feel good because that is not the kind of person I strive to be...the one who’s always wrapped up in my own stuff...the one who doesn’t respect the moments of importance. 

Make it a point to slow down and recognize those around you...let them know that you appreciate them...and do it in the moment...never as an afterthought.