Brilliant Leader Always Comes Through For Me...


Last week, I spent the entire week at a Beach Mastermind with an amazing group of women. This is my second year with this group of business owners, and I love taking the time each January to gain clarity in my business and set my intentions for the new year!

What is really amazing about this time together is that we collaborate and help each other build business ideas through strategy and discussions. Each of us has a unique super power and when you know each other’s superpower, it is amazing how you can get the help you need to make strides in building your business.

But, that’s not the reason I am sharing this story with you today. This year, I had the opportunity to offer the attendees the Color Code Assessment. It was eye-opening to see and learn each of their core colors and gain a better understanding of how they communicate, as well as how I could better communicate with them to help them be more successful.

When you understand someone’s core color, it opens up a whole new world of dialogue. When you know that the core color RED wants the facts in the quickest means possible…you skip the prelude to the story, and tell them what they need to hear. You’ll find them becoming less frustrated waiting on your response when you can cut to the chase quickly.

We had a few REDs in our group and knowing how to communicate with them made it easier to give them feedback and ideas.

We also had a few BLUEs in our group…I am a BLUE. I found myself gravitating toward the BLUEs. BLUEs tend to think in a system-oriented way…processes and logic flood our brains daily. Communicating with a BLUE…we like stories…we like to break down chunks and make them easier to process. 

We had a few WHITEs as well…they are the quiet and reflective ones. I love that WHITEs are so receptive to feedback and appreciate exposure to many different possibilities. They may be hard to read, but they are great to have in your corner.

We even had a few YELLOWs. We call YELLOWs the fun ones, because they are fun and exciting to be around. They are comfortable around everyone and can make you feel welcome. I have a low percentage of YELLOW in my profile, so I’m always happy to have a YELLOW in the group who can give me a free pass to have a bit of fun. 

Using the Color Code Assessment during the Mastermind helped us to communicate better as a group. We were able to see each other’s strengths and communicate in a way that was productive and helpful.

Carol and I both agree that communication is the foundation for any leader to be successful - that’s why we created the Brilliant Leader Program. It’s an online program that starts with the Color Code Foundation to help you better understand your communication behavior…and then, branches out to help you better understand others. 

If you have a team or group that work together often, the Brilliant Leader Program is the perfect way to build unity and create success within the team. When you can better understand how and why people communicate the way they do, you set yourself up for success.

We have a special pricing offer for the 2019 Brilliant Leader Program. You can get the entire Online Brilliant Leader Program for only $395! Normally priced at $595…this special pricing only lasts until 03/04/2019. 

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