How to Show Your Appreciation & Support


As a manager / leader, it is imperative that you get to know how your team and co-workers like to be recognized, supported, and appreciated. 

For those of you who have gone through the Color Code Assessment, you already know how learning the color of your team members and/or co-workers is a good start to better understanding how they like to be recognized. But, just knowing someone’s color is not enough to determine how someone wants to be recognized.

Not everyone likes to be recognized and supported in the same ways. Let’s start with what we know about the core motives for each color:

Blue - They need you to be personal and sincere. Keep the praise intimate.

Red -  They need direct and to the point. Public is good as long as it doesn’t cause embarrassment with too much sentiment.

Yellow – Send up the rockets, and celebrate with a parade!

White -  Keep it on the down-low, private, and non-emotional.

You can always ask them...but that feels a little yucky to me. I’ve always chosen to watch and listen to determine the best way. In most cases, people will show appreciation to others in a way they too would like to be recognized. So, pay close attention to how they appreciate and support their co-workers and friends.

And secondly...when it comes to showing your support, I have always found it best to ask someone how I can best help or support them. In most cases, people will tell you what they need when you ask. However, most people will not ask for help when they need it. 

Try asking someone today…”How can I best support you with your project, get the house cleaned up for our party, prepare the packets for the board?” etc… 

Be specific when you ask, and most importantly be authentic in your ask. If you really don’t want to help - then don’t ask. But, if you really care and want to help, your honest need to help support them will come through.