Interview Smart. Hire Right.


She went from non-believer to a BELIEVER.

During the past few months, I’ve been helping a client hone their focus to find just the right person to round out their small management team.  Yesterday, I got the call that not only did they zero in on the perfect candidate, they made a job offer that was immediately accepted.  They called me a genius and I thought no, not a genius, I just guided them through a process that works.  

Then, it hit me.  It’s more than a process…It’s a system!  It’s a system for zeroing in on and identifying just the person you need to do the job. And then going for it.  

Ok, Elizabeth is probably reading this and thinking…”I told Carol this years ago, and she’s finally become a believer!”

For years, I’ve thought of the Interview Smart. Hire Right! toolkit as just a bunch of forms, checklists, and reference guide…nothing more than a convenient bunch of HR stuff put together in a neat package so anyone who needs to hire someone has a one-stop shop for the tools they need.

But, it’s finally hit home it’s a lot more than that.  When you dive down, it’s really a proven system…some really logical steps that, when followed, gets the job done in the shortest amount of time and ends successfully.  

Here are the steps my client followed using the Interview Smart. Hire Right! system.

1.  Determine the purpose of position in your organization.  

2.  Figure out the primary responsibilities and tasks of the position.

3.  Decide the importance each responsibility carries.

4.  Determine the skills, knowledge, and abilities the candidate needs to do the job.

5.  Write it down.  (AKA a Job Description)

6.  Create questions that will get you accurate and complete answers about the candidate’s ability and willingness to do the job.

7.  Dig deep to not settle for candidates who “almost” meet the mark.

8.  Make a realistic offer.

Boom!  That’s the system.

While there is a lot more to the Interview Smart. Hire Right! system…some really intense soul-searching, the willingness to write down your plan, the discipline to work the plan…at the end of day the system works. 

How do I know it works? Because of the successful hires my clients tell me about and over all retention they get to enjoy. 

Yeah, I’m a believer, and I invite you to become a believer too! What have you got to lose?  Oh, wait…maybe a lot if you miss out on hiring the right candidate!