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How Well Do You Handle Conflict?


Let’s Talk Conflict Resolution!

When we hear the word conflict, some of us cringe…because we know it means we’re about to get uncomfortable. The word conflict, in the dictionary, means ‘a serious disagreement or argument.’

Conflict creates stronger teams…it encourages growth and stronger relationships. But productive conflict resolution only happens when you allow openness within yourself and encourage openness with the other party.

Conflict provides productive conversations and helps individuals unlock creative solutions.

Join Elizabeth D Fanslow on October 24, 2018 at 2PM for a FREE 30-Minute Webinar on Conflict Resolution.

Take Aways:

·      Are you an avoider or seeker when it comes to conflict;

·      How your designation as an avoider or seeker interacts with others;

·      And how to create healthy conflict rules within a team.

Later Event: April 16