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Learn to Communicate & Connect With Your World!


Learn to Communicate & Connect With Your World:
Transforming Relationships Through Better Communication!

Join Carol Westberry & Elizabeth Fanslow as they walk you through how to communicate with people in your world using the Color Code Assessment. Unlike other personality tests, The Color Code not only identifies what you do but why you do it, allowing you to gain much deeper and more useful insights into what makes you and those around you tick. 

You will get your own basic Color Code Assessment FREE when you register for this webinar!

Every relationship begins with YOU. Who are you? Do you really understand why you think and behave as you do? Imagine the power of truly knowing yourself, what motivates you, and how you impact the relationships in your life.

The Color Code is the most revolutionary and ACCURATE measurement of your personality available on the market today. Once you have learned the Color Code you will never see yourself or others the same again! The Color Code is your best bet for understanding how to make sense out of life's relationship puzzles.

Who Should Attend:

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Anyone who aspires to be a leader, manager or supervisor

Take Aways:

  • We'll show you how to understand what drives your behavior and how it affects the way you communicate;
  • Learn the secret of why you do what you do;
  • And lastly, we'll share one technique that will enable you to communicate more successfully and influence others.

Listen to What Some of Our Clients Are Saying:

Learning about my color and how I communicate and process things was the most eye opening. I always thought I was slow at processing information but I learned that for a blue that is normal. Now I know how to handle situations and how to say that I need time to process things. Identifying color codes of others both in personal life and at work has been instrumental in communication. I have the color code cards at my desk and often refer to them as a reminder.

Overall, it has made me a better leader in mentoring others and guiding them through work and personal life.
— Sandy Garces, Director of Data Reporting & Regulatory Compliance MIS Services
The top (3) things I took away from the Brilliant Leader Program was how to be more interactive and have fun with co-Workers, insight into working with others by understanding characteristic traits, and self-reflection on how to better work with others.
— Terri Stevens, President SUNZ Insurance
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