Human Resource Services

Our team is dedicated to bringing you compliant business solutions that will help you manage your complex human resources challenges as well as keep you compliant with the ever changing labor laws and regulations.


Secure the continual services of a Senior Level, Certified Human Resources Professional at fraction of the cost of full-time employee. Receive unlimited telephone and e-mail access for guidance on those daily employee issues. We’ll start with a comprehensive audit of your current Human Resource practices and then we’ll develop your custom HR Service Plan and Delivery Calendar. Your Annual Retainer Program is designed meet your company’s HR needs and to maintain employment compliance standards necessary to keep your company safe.


Human Resources projects have a knack for being great ideas that no one has time to implement. Our Human Resource Consultant will meet with you to discuss your project needs and then present you with a written project plan and cost estimate. Once we both agree it’s just what you want, we’ll get started.

WERE NOT YOUR TRADITIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE CONSULTANTS. There has always been a sense of stodginess in the Human Resource field and that’s just not us! Carol and Elizabeth keep HR fresh and fun…we focus on mentoring, training, and real-world solutions to help you keep your business fresh and profitable too! 

Carol Westberry, SPHR, SHRM-SCP is our senior certified Human Resource Professional. With over 30-years of experience she guides and directs our retainer clients through the intricate HR rules and compliance issues they face.

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Need help with Human Resources? Reach out to Carol here:

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In today’s society…workplace harassment is on the top of everyone’s mind. When the headlines share a new story on harassment every single day, people start to listen and pay closer attention.

Harassment in the workplace is not new, and it has been around for a long time. It’s never something that should be ignored or taken lightly. This course was designed to bring harassing behaviors to light and to help employees and employers protect themselves. Take the time to understand how your actions or someone else’s can be construed as harassment.

HR Services

From your confidential advisor to writing employee handbooks and handling policy development, our consulting services offer this and more …

  • Comprehensive Human Resources Risk Assessment

  • Serve as your confidential Human Resources advisor - CHRO on Demand

  • Custom Designed Employment Policies

  • Custom Employee Handbooks

  • Custom HR Operations Manual

Education & Development

Leadership, team building and human resources workshops, as well as presentations and briefing sessions. We’ve got it covered.



Not quite ready for an HR Consultant? provides a comprehensive collection of customizable HR resources for just pennies a day. These toolkits are a plug and play option for small businesses who aren't quite ready for a full HR Consultancy option.

  • Recruiting & Selection

  • Orientation & OnBoarding

  • Coaching, Counseling & Confidentiality

  • Performance Management

  • Termination of Employment

  • Employee Handbook


Carol, I am sick and tired of all the staff telling me how much they enjoyed your presentation at yesterday’s retreat; I can’t take it anymore! Many have told me that it was their favorite part of the day! Everyone has really gotten a lot out of the information you provided.

Well done, and THANK-YOU!!!
— Stephen Koch, President, CEO & Big Brother Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay
I enjoy working with you and having your support at my fingertips is so comforting. The HRToolkits and website have helped me with so many day-to-day tasks. The information is fast and easy to use which helps cut down on time for research and gives me time to focus on the task at hand. Knowing I can find information quickly is helpful for me. I find that everyday something new comes across my desk and being quick on my feet is key in some situations.
— Trish Sevigny, HR Manager, Pepper Contracting Services
I appreciate your efforts and getting our client heading in the right HR direction. They were pleased with what you have done.
— Rob Nation, ME Wilson
Carol makes very complex Human Resources issues easy to understand and put into practice. She knows firsthand the relevant and critical areas that you need to be tuned into.
— Robert “Bo” Liess, Executive Vice President, Choice Employer Solutions