Running A Reduced Risk Investigation

Running A Reduced Risk Investigation


During this 45-minute webinar, we'll show you the major points you need to follow to make sure your investigations don't cost you your job or your company. We'll take you through the real-life process of handling your complaint investigation in-house and what signs you need to be aware of that might be causing your investigation to head off the tracks.

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How To Run a Reduced Risk Complaint Investigation in a Toxic Work Environment

This webinar covers:

  • Receiving the initial complaint and what you need to do next;
  • What to say to the complainant, the accused, and all the witnesses in between;
  • The information your managers need to know to keep the company harm-free;
  • How to pick the right investigator (and it's not always HR) to keep it out of court.

You'll receive a downloadable webinar that you can keep and share with your staff as well as a PDF deck and workbook to use during the webinar to take notes.


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